The Rules R™ Learning Assistant

The Rules R Learning Assistant improves your official’s knowledge and understanding of the rules of the game, which will lead to an overall improvement in the experience of the game for all participants.


The Rules R Learning Assistant has two learning modules utilizing HTML5 technology that permits users to access the program from any number of devices including mobile phones and tablets via any operating system.

Quick Learn

The Rules R™  Learning Assistant engages users while improving their knowledge of the rules using an unlimited database of self-devised and customized situations that can be randomized to provide a more varied learning experience.

Quick Quiz

The Rules R™  Learning Assistant enables you to customize a testing module from an unlimited self designed database of questions utilizing a random or predetermined question selection process. The testing module may also use a topic based question ratio system to target specific learning areas.

Managing Performance

The Rules R Learning Assistant has a result management system that enables users to see personal development via immediate feedback using a color-coded answering system combined with a scoring system that shows most recent, biweekly, and an overall results average.


The Rules R Learning Assistant can be managed by your own program administrator; can be customized to your brand giving the platform your own look and feel.

Safe and Controlled Environment

The Rules R Learning Assistant provides a safe and control data management support and storage system. As part of an integrated network any update and improvements to the Learning Assistant software can be easily and quickly applied to your site.

Multiple Languages

The Rules R™  Learning Assistant can be customized using the language of your choice.