The Rules R™

The Rules R™ Learning Assistant is a web-based mobile friendly experiential learning and performance measurement platform that will assist your referees to improve their understanding of the rules of the game within an intuitive learning and testing platform. The Rules R Learning Assistant will enhance your Referees’ experience while improving the experience of your Members and other participants.


The Rules R Learning Assistant is a learn through engagement e-learning platform that can be designed for any referee level. The program is designed to assist users to improve their knowledge of the rules through a series of learning focused situations. The Rules R™ Learning Assistant is accessible with an internet connection on all platforms Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Android, Blackberry, laptops and PCs.


The Rules R™ Learning Assistant has been created as:

  1. An educational tool to increase the enjoyment of being a referee
  2. An educational tool to assist in the understanding of the rules for players and coaches
  3. An educational and information tool for parents and fans to enhance their understanding of the application of the rules.